Premier Edition: January 2014


almost monday . . .
why this watch is surely
two days slow

Pat Geyer, USA

milk moon
taking a swig
straight from the jug

Terri French, USA

new moon—
he faces up to
firing blanks

Sara Winteridge, England

written in pencil
inside the travel book
I was here

Susan Burch, USA

old salvage yard
automobile bones rust away
chrome fangs

RD McManes, USA

smoothing out
the damp prayer flags . . .
a train rumbles past

Maeve O'Sullivan, Ireland

blue light therapy—
the bear on my back
starts to slip

Roberta Beary, USA/Ireland

New Year’s hangover
one resolution

Adelaide B. Shaw, USA

Fall-cool August,
evoking father's fall leaf
burning ritual.

Sue Neufarth Howard, USA

sunny afternoon—
she walks
her cellphone

Sondra J. Byrnes, USA

believer and non-believer
each so sure
they know

Dan Smith, USA

heavy night
the snowman
turns yeti

Helen Buckingham, UK