May 2014
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A Sea Story

Giselle Maya

soft breeze
this June hour

Glad to be alone after a bus ride with students I walked along the shoreline of Cassis, found a rocky solitary spot, stretched out to take a rest in the sun.

Pleasantly relaxed I heard a voice nearby which said: “Aimez-vous les oursins?” (“do you like sea urchins?”) Without thinking I answered “oui”, as I thought the creature itself was meant, sat up and saw the head and shoulders of a young man in a wetsuit smiling at me from the sea.

Immediately he dove down into the turquoise Mediterranean, emerged with a dark spiky sea urchin in his hand. He climbed up the rock, opened the creature with a small knife and presented it to me. This is considered a delicacy—I had never tasted it, carefully I ate one small piece, colored orange and nodded in appreciation. He encouraged me to eat more.

He slid up onto the rock like a mermaid and we conversed on various topics.

from the deep
an unexpected offering
for the sun