May 2014
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Wizened Willows
Anne Curran, NZ & an'ya, USA

june moonlight
the pout of full lips
from a billboard

up with the cows
squirting milk from a teat
into her pail

shallow trenches
my father's hands plant
potato seedlings

deep puddle
a yellow boot sucked
off one foot

wizened willows . . .
grandmother fast asleep
with her mouth open

new year's eve
friends and family toast
"bottoms' up"

fireworks display
the eyes of onlookers
bursting into stars

Bernard Gieske, USA

night owl—
whiskers twitching
in the grass

across the sky
striking its blush
sleepless sun

day breaks
with the finch’s song—
morning glory

summer breeze
the swing in the tree
feels a tug

weaving a path
through the wheat field
one thirsty beagle

flowing waters
cascade into a pool
splashing laughter

skinny dipping
escaping the heat
shouting a dare

cliff of intrigue
a boy plunges high
into the sky

shadows of dusk
a mockingbird mimics
Debussy’s l’après-midi

into the night
the azure of quietude—
shimmering stars

Eppur Si Muove
A Winter Shisan by:
Tomislav Maretić, Croatia
Linda Papanicolaou, USA
composed online,
September 2013-February 2014

night chill—
a raccoon peers through
the patio door

the autumn rain's sound
lulling me into dreams

one finger enough
to stop its pendulum
grandfather clock

eppur si muove. . .
with the very last breath

in the silence
of the moonlight
snowy owl

this diamond ring shines
through generations

across the table
between two employees
a meeting of eyes

their road to the love nest
too muddy to pass

two—three balloons
rise into a cloudy sky over
the roofs of Paris

an artist with his palette
brushes on the blue

white oleander
blossoms resisting
the summer dusk

something starts tugging
on the fisherman's line

Tom Maretić:
verses 2, 4, 6, 7, 9. 11
Linda Papanicolaou:
verses 1, 3, 5, 8, 10, 12

Vanessa Raney, Croatia

Houston snow
to a seven year old
a white inferno

Tubing in Paris
where alligator rocks
grab at my feet

Austin glow-lights
rising from a river
darker than night